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Hello there.

General Kenobi. My mission is to help others take control of their body through education. Whether you want to get strong, get that "bikini bod", gain weight or lose weight, or just feel healthy overall--I would love to help you get there.

I have a passion for the human body. I have a Biology BS degree from Northern Arizona University and am NASM certified. I have a passion for teaching. Professionally, I taught high school science for a year and a half (including through the extreme online nature of the COVID-19 pandemic). I have a passion for learning. I am continuing my education with a second BS and an MS in Dietetics from Arizona State University with plans to become a registered dietitian, and I love every second of these courses.

But most importantly, I've been in your shoes.

I was a high school athlete that lived on poptarts and pizza. I was a 200lbs+ college student who continued that diet and stopped exercising. I was an alcoholic dealing with depression and anxiety, needing to drink at minimum a bottle of wine a day to function. I was a gym-addict and a firefighter with no direction, lifting heavier and heavier weights while still unhappy about my appearance. I was a bodybuilding competitor, dieting at extreme lows for 4-6 months at a time. I had a baby, developed hypothyroidism, and struggled with post-partum depression. I've had three jobs and made it to the gym around midnight, and I've had zero jobs and stayed in bed all day.

We all have our struggles, and they are all important. I'm not here to give you the "no excuses" lecture. I'm here to help you learn about ways you can take control of your life with your given circumstances. Don't have time to cook or money for a meal service? Boy, have I got some delicious and easy InstaPot recipes for you. Can't make it to the gym? Here's some at-home workouts tailored to your circumstances, your goals, and what you have at home to work with. Don't know what to eat while you're pregnant because Google will only spit out advertisements and conflicting information from different "fitness gurus", and it's just super overwhelming? Let me share with you my research, where I got it, and how you can cut through the crap and continue to research on your own from reliable sources.

No matter your circumstances, I'd love to help you reach your goals in any way that I can.


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